Corona emergency aid in India

Lotuscrafts stands for social justice and respectful cooperation. With our donation for the FEMNET Solidarity Fund, we are committed to improving the working and living conditions of women in India and Bangladesh.
The Union FEMNET campaigns for the labor and human rights of women in the global clothing industry with political commitment, educational and advisory work and a solidarity fund. The aim is to mobilize people for fairness along the entire value chain - including often neglected production areas such as spinning mills, weaving mills and dye works. With a donation for the FEMNET Solidarity Fund, Lotuscrafts is committed to the important work of unions and organizations in India and Bangladesh. The 100% of donations are forwarded to the FEMNET partners.
In cooperation with the partner organization SAVE, FEMNET currently supports migrant workers from Tamil Nadu who have not received any wages since March 23, 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and are also no longer entitled to the “ration card” issued by the state. The SAVE team has already been able to supply more than 2,000 affected families in the slums with drinking water and food. Smallholders around Bangalore, organized by CIVIDEP, another FEMNET partner, are providing sustainable crisis aid. The NGWF union is also making an important contribution by printing and distributing educational brochures.
Under the motto #Solidarityworks, FEMNET is committed to improving the working and living conditions of women. In cooperation with selected partner organizations in India and Bangladesh, among other things, women-led trade unions are being set up and projects for better childcare and against sexual harassment and violence are initiated. The FEMNET team is regularly on site to ensure that the donations are used for concrete help and support for the textile workers. In order to support the important work of FEMNET in the long term, Lotuscrafts donates 1 Euro from every meditation cushion sold.