Meaning of the flower of life

You've probably seen them adorning fabrics, candles and pieces of jewellery: the flower of life is a popular decorative element. However, there is also a great meaning behind it, because the pattern of 19 circles is understood in many cultures as a symbol of the cosmic order .

Meaning: Flower of Life

What is the flower of life actually?

An ornament consisting of 19 basic circles is called the Flower of Life. This results in 90 petals and a central circle in which, for example, the so-called tree of life is anchored in the Kabbalah teachings.

Sacred Geometry in the Flower of Life

The ornament can be found in a surprising number of religious sites: from Westminster Abbey in England to the Abydos Temple in Egypt, the ornament keeps appearing. It is part of the so-called "sacred geometry" and embodies the harmonious measure of the earth.

Sacred Geometry always refers to the cosmic order and describes the basic forms behind all existence. In simpler terms, the circle of the Flower of Life symbolizes the circle of life, while the overlapping circles embody a shared evolution.

effect of the flower of life

Sacred geometry, cosmic order - is the flower of life necessarily related to religion? No, of course not, because ultimately the even, round shapes are supposed to bring more energy and support harmony . So you don't have to be a deeply religious person to enjoy the even circles!

meaning of colors

The flower of life is often associated with different colors. For example, in Kabbalah, the pattern unifies the seven chakras . A chakra is an area of energy in the body and is associated with a specific color. The following colors are united in the flower of life: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue and violet .

Colors are often assigned slightly different meanings, but roughly speaking, the individual tones have the following areas of effect:

  • Red: Life energy and willpower
  • Orange: creativity and appetite
  • Yellow: Emotion processing
  • Green: Compassion, love and balance
  • Light blue: ability to communicate
  • Blue: Intuition and dealing with others
  • Purple: Development of mental strength

The flower of life symbolizes cosmic order and radiates harmony and perfection. The symbol helps you to have more energy and can bring about positive changes with negative energy influences of any kind.

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