Which yoga bolster is right for you?

If you occasionally reach your physical limits with your asanas , this is just a completely normal part of your yoga journey that you can accept. We encounter pressure to perform often enough in everyday life and has absolutely no place on the yoga mat. Rather, you can give yourself a little help with aids . Yoga bolsters are particularly suitable for this! However, it's easy to find your way around such a large selection of yoga bolsters and we're trying to give you a little help with this guide when you're spoiled for choice. With a bolster you can intensify your yoga exercises even more or support difficult yoga positions. In principle, a yoga bolster is also a wonderful aid to help you relax better while stretching.


A yoga bolster is an elongated yoga pillow that you can use for all your yoga support needs. It can be rectangular or round, smaller or larger, with a cover made of different materials and filled with different fillings. This varies depending on the manufacturer. The bolster is basically intended to be able to stay on it for a longer period of time , which is why in these situations you use the yoga bolster and no longer the classic block. Unlike the block, the yoga cushion is not only many times larger, but also softer and therefore perfect as a lying surface. A bolster relieves pressure on your body on so many levels: back, neck, shoulders, stomach, hips, legs, head and even your thoughts.

Yoga roll help

But you can also use the bolster as a seat pad to gently push yourself into an upright position. To do this, place your pelvis with your legs crossed on the short edge of the bolster so that it almost tips over. This ensures that your pelvis moves forward and your spine straightens. There are many other asanas (especially in the Yin yoga area) that you can practice great with Bolster. It's best to get instructions or inspiration from your trusted yoga teacher.


Lotuscrafts has two different shapes of yoga bolsters. Most yoga bolsters are rectangular, the round shape is usually called a yoga roll. To choose the right yoga bolster, you should ask yourself two questions. On the one hand, you have to like the look and feel of your bolster itself. You should enjoy practicing on and with him, otherwise he will not offer you the help you need during your practice. On the other hand, the main area of ​​application of the bolster is crucial.

The advantage of the rectangular bolster is that it does not roll away. It therefore offers stable balance, good back support for lying positions and comfort for the spine and hips. That's why this form is the better choice if you primarily want to do exercises with pressure on the back. The round yoga bolsters (yoga rolls) are very suitable for yoga asanas in which the chest is opened with a curvature of the spine. Here a good example would be the supported bridge . You can also use the yoga rollers as weights to make your exercises easier. For example, in a seated forward bend, place the yoga roller on your knees. But it is also great as support for weight-bearing limbs, for example under bent knees.

Yogabolster yoga roll


The Lotuscrafts yoga bolsters are available with two different fillings: kapok wool and spelled husks.

Our rectangular yoga bolsters are filled with kapok wool. Kapok is made from the pods of the kapok tree. The cotton-like plant fiber is particularly suitable as a filling if you want a soft and crushable pillow. Kapok is also ideal for allergy sufferers, as this plant fiber hardly attracts mites and is very breathable.

Our round yoga rolls are filled with spelled husks in Germany. Spelled husks are the shell of the spelled grain and are prepared accordingly to become “pillow stuffing”. First the grain is removed, then the husks are washed, dried and dusted. This ensures hygiene and a long shelf life. Spelled husks are also soft, dimensionally stable and adaptable. That's why the cushions from Lotuscrafts nestle easily to the selected sitting position. In addition, the filling is environmentally friendly and replaceable.

Yoga roll spelled husk filling


All yoga bolster covers from Lotuscrafts are sewn from robust organic cotton and are washable. The cover is closed with a drawstring and can be tightened as desired. The cover is made from high-quality ecological materials and can be removed separately.

Yogabolster upper material


Protect your yoga bolster from moisture and ventilate it regularly. Only wash the cover if absolutely necessary, as the cover can shrink slightly when washed, making it difficult to put on the bolster. The cover should be nice and tight on your bolster, otherwise it will be too soft and will not provide any support. To make it easier to get the cover over the inlet, you can use a smooth material, such as packaging film, to place around the inlet. On a smooth surface, the cover glides more easily over the inlet. The cover is washable at 30°C, should not be tumble dried and should not be dry cleaned. The inlet with filling is not washable.


A yoga bolster can be used as an aid for a variety of exercises. Bolsters are often used, especially in Yin Yoga , where positions are held for longer periods. Below you will find a few examples. You can find more information about Yin Yoga and a selection of exercises with video tutorials here .