Your guide to the right seat pad

A comfortable sitting posture is the basis for our mediation. Before beginning the meditation, you should find a comfortable sitting position that you can comfortably sit in for ten minutes. A comfortable meditation cushion supports you.

Why a meditation cushion?

Many of us find meditation difficult at first. The mind is restless and it is difficult for us to sit still and find rest. If there is still pinching because the back hurts or we force ourselves into a sitting position that is too advanced, the mind cannot come to rest.

Note : Your seat (whether on the floor, a chair, or leaning against a wall) should never cause pain, and your lower back should always be upright.

A seat or yoga cushion automatically helps you to sit more comfortably. It relieves the spine and the entire back. Above all, it ensures a natural straightening of the spine, so that we do not sag so easily. This creates more space in the abdominal area and our breath can flow more freely and deeply.

Once you have found a sitting position, you should remain comfortable in it. But especially as a beginner, you will become aware of your body during a longer meditation. Then do not hesitate, but bring movement to the painful parts of the body. For example, gently relax your legs and then return to the seat.

How do I find a suitable meditation cushion?

The most important criterion for buying a suitable cushion is yourself. True to the motto "How you cushion yourself, so you meditate" , the right meditation cushion can be one of the decisive factors in ensuring that meditation is perceived as pleasant and harmonious. Each of us has our own feeling when it comes to the seat. This feeling is related to the flexibility of the body on the one hand and the opening of the hips and back on the other.

The right pillow should support you in an upright and straight posture , relieve your pelvis and spine and create space to calm your thoughts. Your mind should not be occupied with thigh pain, hip problems or your back during meditation, but should come to rest.

There are no criteria that apply equally to all meditators. Nevertheless, there are a few points that you can consider when choosing the right meditation cushion.

  • pillow height
  • pillow shape
  • sitting position
  • cushion filling
  • pillow color
  • Area of ​​application (meditation, yoga, sitting, therapy)

If you keep these points in mind, you will soon realize how useful a good meditation cushion can be!