Health begins in the mind: self-healing through meditation

Thoughts control the body - this has already been proven by many scientific studies. Through meditation we can reach a state of consciousness that restores inner balance and activates our self-healing powers. How to use your inner doctor!

Self-healing through meditation

What is self healing?

A small wound or a cold – everyone has been sick at some point and got well again. Unfortunately, we are not always aware of the incredible self-healing powers we have. Actually, every healing is self-healing. The extent to which the psyche plays a role has been proven many times in scientific studies. Just the mere thought of health and happiness is said to have a positive effect on health.

Benefits of meditation for self-healing

Measurements show that brain activities change significantly in the state of meditation . Sunk deep inside, we find ourselves in a kind of in-between world – in the state between waking and sleeping. The effect: the brain produces calming messenger substances that counteract stress, blood pressure and pulse rate drop and the oxygen supply in the entire organism improves.

Of course, meditation to activate the self-healing powers does not replace therapies for recovery. However, those who meditate can look forward to many advantages:

  • Meditators are only half as likely to get cancer as non-meditators
  • After just four weeks of meditation practice, meditators perform 40 percent better on concentration tasks than those who do not meditate.
  • People who meditate regularly are 73 percent less likely to have respiratory problems and are 87 percent less likely to suffer from mental illnesses (e.g. anxiety disorders or depression).
  • In addition, meditation helps against chronic pain, skin diseases, allergies and arteriosclerosis.

How can I activate self-healing powers through meditation?

Self-healing powers can be supported, for example, through sleep, autosuggestion, visualization or through transcendental meditation. Why does this work? A simple example using a slate: When we get up in the morning, “our” slate is still empty. Experiences and events throughout the day gradually fill the blackboard. If the board is full, our nervous system is exhausted and the board needs to be cleaned. Our body knows an automatic process to do exactly that: sleep. But sometimes this sleep mode is not enough to clean our blackboard. More serious incidents that concern us cannot be "erased" so easily. However, when the body experiences deep stillness in meditation (deeper than in deep sleep), the mind “transcends” and so stress, tension and even trauma are released.

Transcendental Meditation
Transcendence is the highest experience a human being can have. It is the experience towards stillness and the state of least effort.

Transcendental Meditation releases any form of mind control or concentration... it's about pure stillness and pure awareness. The more often this state is repeated, the easier it can be recalled. If you don't know how to meditate, you can read about it in the article Meditation for Beginners .

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