Sound Healing - how healing sounds affect body and mind

Sound healing work is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are being accompanied into a state of relaxation and holistic well-being in the form of sound massages, sound baths or sound yoga. Gentle and meditative sounds help us let go of stress, tension and emotional issues.

But what exactly makes contact with sound instruments so special and what effect does sound healing work have on our body and mind? In the following blog post you will find out everything you need to know about sound healing.

Sound Healing: Woman holding singing bowl What is Sound Healing?

The goal of sound healing is to achieve harmonization and healing of body, mind and soul with the help of specific instruments, music, tones and other sound vibrations. Special sound frequencies are used to create a therapeutic and soothing atmosphere that promotes deep calm, inner balance, relaxation in the nervous system and emotional letting go. Ideally, a trance-like , meditative or theta brain wave state is created, which enables access to deeper levels of one's own inner world.

The sound trance that is achieved helps us to experience deep relaxation and regeneration and creates a special space in which we can regain healthy balance. Between sound and silence, the soul breathes again and we have the opportunity to fully arrive at ourselves again.

How do sounds and frequencies affect our body and consciousness?

Not only do you hear the sound waves being generated in the room, but your whole body “listens” too. The vibrations of the sounds penetrate into the tissue structure, muscles and bones and create a harmonious vibration at the cellular level, because the body itself is a large resonance space .

Through sound baths or targeted sound impulses, tensions on the muscular and fascial level can be relaxed and the body's self-healing powers are gently activated.
Sounds and sound frequencies naturally address our deeper and oldest brain regions and harmonize brain waves so that we can immerse ourselves in deep relaxation and a light trance state.

In our society we often associate the term trance with scary or unknown phenomena, although it is quite natural for us to fall into trances, for example, before falling asleep or while half asleep, and before waking up we are also regularly in a trance. Our brain needs these “rest phases” to recover from all the stimuli it has received and, above all, to process all experiences.
You may be familiar with a trance state from deep yoga relaxation or a longer meditation, so there is nothing scary about it and even during a sound trance you remain fully conscious.

What can I expect from a sound healing?

Touching meditative sound either directly on the body or during a sound massage or through a psychoacoustic experience (hearing sounds in space) can release mental , emotional and physical tensions and blockages very gently but profoundly. In the area of ​​sound healing work, there are various methods of using sound instruments in a therapeutic setting. For this purpose, sound instruments such as metal sound bowls, crystal singing bowls, wall games, monochords and gongs are used and combined in a targeted manner to create the desired effect.
Similar to a guided meditation, the sound therapist knows exactly how to accompany the person into the world of sound.

In this deeply relaxed state we have easier access to our emotional world and the subconscious. The nervous system is also stimulated and can fully regenerate from the stimuli and stress factors it absorbs.
Soundbaths or sound meditations with (crystal) singing bowls or gongs etc. help us to regain inner balance and find peace.

The sounds and their vibration automatically open consciousness to new levels and this can help bring unprocessed feelings and experiences into a healing process.

A sound healing can be held in a 1:1 setting or in a group where you are led into a guided sound trance or sound relaxation.

Who is a sound healing session not suitable for?

There are also a few points you should pay attention to when using sound:

• Working with sound is not recommended if you have psychological problems or are taking psychotropic medications ! Sounds can have a very deep effect and, in particular, the influence on brain waves cannot always have a positive effect when taking psychotropic drugs. Please only take part after consultation with the treating psychotherapist or psychiatrist.
Pregnancy: In the first trimester, gong meditation is particularly discouraged and no sound instruments should be placed on the body. Please also clarify in advance whether a sound massage or a sound bath is an option for mom and baby.
• If you have epilepsy , check with your doctor beforehand and avoid group settings.

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