10 years of Lotuscrafts - we say "thank you"!

We say thank you. 10 years of Lotuscrafts

We celebrate 10 years of Lotuscrafts

We would like to take this as an opportunity not to provide you with topics related to meditation, yoga and mindfulness on our blog as usual. Instead, we want to say "thank you."

Thanks to each and every one of you who regularly reads our blog. Thanks for over 30,000 Instagram followers.

Thanks to every newsletter reader.

Thank you for every message and feedback you send us daily through the various channels.

Thank you for helping us make yoga and meditation even more popular.

And of course:

Thank you for using, wearing and loving our yoga mats, pillows and clothing!

Yoga Studio with Lotuscraft's signet

But let's be honest: What would an anniversary be without a proper celebration?


Right, we thought so too ;)

That's why we're starting our official celebration weeks today - with lots of great promotions, live events and competitions.

Do you want to be there?

Then subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram - because that's where we pop the corks.

We look forward to you!

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