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the 3 best yoga exercises for the back

Many new yoga participants find their way to a yoga studio or take part in an online course because of back problems and chronic tension, among other things, because yoga is known as an effective method of strengthening back health .

Sitting accompanies us in many life situations. It starts at breakfast, often continues on the way to work or school and of course continues to accompany us there. In many cases, our evenings also include a cozy portion of sitting. Our body is in a sitting position for a considerable amount of time every day. But daily physical work and the resulting poor posture and tension are also very often a reason for back problems.

Back yoga in particular can help you regain a little more balance in your body!

Yoga for the back relaxes people with back problems

If you want to effectively counteract the lack of exercise in your everyday life , then regular back yoga could be your solution to tension and pain . The special stretching exercises and movements of these asanas are designed precisely for this purpose - so you can actively strengthen your back and prevent later strain or lack of movement . Yoga looks at people in their entirety and therefore works on different levels . In yoga we not only take care of the body, but also our mind and practice letting go of accumulated stress or negative thoughts, for example. For this reason, a yoga practice goes much deeper than "just stretching exercises."

This is how yoga can strengthen your back health:

  • strengthening the core of the body with the help of abdominal muscle exercises
  • relief of the lower back through the hip opening
  • strengthening the back muscles with gentle back bends
  • a tension release in the shoulders, neck and upper back
  • mental strengthening through meditation and breathing exercises
  • strong and elastic back muscles through targeted exercises
  • improved posture and greater body awareness

Important : We recommend the following asanas for mild, chronic pain or tension , but not for very severe pain or after operations:

Exercise 1: Garbhasana – the child pose

This exercise is clearly reminiscent of the position of an embryo - and that is exactly what the ancient Indian term “ Garbha ” means. With this asana you stretch all your back muscles - especially the long back muscles and the lumbar muscles. In addition, the entire back of your upper body is relieved. Another positive effect is the stimulation of the cardiovascular system . A very soothing asana that relieves and gently stretches the back.


  1. If your head doesn't quite touch the floor, feel free to put a pillow under your forehead .
  2. If you want to gain a little more length in your spine , stretch your arms forward while keeping your head well grounded on the floor. Alternatively, move your arms once to the right and left sides, stretching your flanks.


Back yoga

You can stretch your back muscles with Child's Pose.

That's how it's done

Start sitting on your heels. Then open your thighs slightly and bend forward. Then bring your arms together parallel to your legs, with your back facing down. Your hands should be next to your feet, with the back of your hand facing upwards.

Rest your forehead gently on the floor or on a pillow. Shoulders and elbows remain completely relaxed. Conscious abdominal breathing is also very central here.

At the end of the exercise, slowly stand up by placing your hands in front of your knees and using your arms as supports.

Note: if you are prone to herniated discs or abdominal inflammation, then only perform this asana after receiving clear approval from a professional.

Exercise 2: Bhujangasana – the cobra

This yoga exercise is particularly helpful in strengthening the back . By stretching in this special way, your spine benefits and your breathing becomes freer! But the cobra asana is also balancing for the stomach and shoulders . If you sit in the office a lot, then definitely try this exercise - it will give you lasting resistance for long hours of sitting.

Back yoga

The cobra helps strengthen the back.

That's how it's done

First you lie on your stomach. Your forehead is on the ground, your legs are flat and stretched to the feet on the level. Now bring your arms back towards you little by little until your hands are at the level of your chest with your palms.

Every time you breathe in, you straighten your upper body a little - lifting your shoulders and chest, but slowly extending your arms.

Make sure your head is facing straight ahead by fixating on a point in front of you. In this position, breathe in and out a few times. Then lower everything again – head, shoulders, pelvis and stomach. Do this exercise about 10 times.

Note: you can easily overstretch your neck or back muscles here - you should definitely avoid this. Therefore, it is best to move your head in line with your spine. Only stretch your back as much as you feel comfortable. Strong stretches can be done well by targeting a point on the ceiling.

Exercise 3: Virabhadrasana – the warrior

This last exercise is exactly right for you if you want to strengthen your back and shoulders - and also do something for your endurance . Your abdominal muscles will also be stimulated by the warrior position. Consciously fight against tension and pain!

Back yoga

The warrior strengthens the shoulders and back.

That's how it's done

Straddle one foot about 90 degrees outward and move the other foot about 45 degrees inward. Now your heels should be in line, your right knee should be at a right angle, level with your heels. Spread your arms out at the level of your shoulders.

Take a deep, conscious breath, move your upper body to the right, but leave your arms where they are. Now in warrior position, stretch your right hand forward, your left arm remains stretched backwards. Together your arms form a line - direct your gaze forward.

Note: you hold this position for about 10 breaths . As long as you have the right footing, you can't go wrong here. Find new self-confidence !

Back yoga has been proven to strengthen your back. Yoga strives for harmony of body, mind and soul, which can help us with a variety of health problems. This way you can support your self-regulation and enjoy a healthier back!

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