Cacao Ceremony: Origins, Effects and Guidance

Cacao ceremonies are now very popular in various retreats and healing circles. In yoga, too, there are always events with guided cocoa ceremonies - but what is the ritual all about?

Rituals and ceremonies are as old as humanity itself. They create a framework for celebrating and honoring certain annual festivals and stages of life. The cocoa ceremony is also one of these very old rituals.

Cacao Ceremony: All About the Ritual

The origin of the cocoa ceremony - ancient knowledge rediscovered

The cocoa ceremony is originally a millennium-old shamanic ritual from South America. Cocoa was of essential importance to the natives and they worshiped the goddess Cacao with the cocoa ceremony with the aim of bringing people back into natural balance with nature.

The cacao ceremony is credited with helping release emotions and boosting intuition. In addition, inner blockages should be released and thereby a state of inner clarity should occur.

In many healing circles or other spiritual circles there is often talk of "Mama Kakao". This is because the cacao plant is associated with feminine energy. With her help we get in touch with the earth energies and she helps us to open our hearts. A healing space is created for all participants, in which intensive experiences and feelings can be experienced.

You can also use this effect for yourself in everyday life and connect carefully with Mama Kakao and ask for her wisdom. The cocoa is given to us by Mother Earth and thus also carries her intelligence.

How does a cocoa ceremony work?

Each ceremony looks different and can also be entered with the most diverse intentions . In most cases, the participants sit in a circle, the cocoa is distributed and the cocoa is meditated on beforehand or afterwards. The conscious drinking of cocoa usually sets the mood , so body and mind are opened with all senses.

The ceremonies often focus on a topic that is determined beforehand and then worked on within the circle, eg uterus healing in women's circles, inner-child healing and trance journeys in healing circles, etc

You can bring inner clarity before the ceremony by taking a few moments to ask yourself questions:

  • Is there a topic you would like to focus on at the moment? Do you have a question and are you looking for an answer?
  • Are there feelings you want to let go of?
  • Do you wish for clarity and direction in an area of ​​your life?
  • Do you just want to indulge in the magic of the ritual and see what sensations and insights come up?

Of course, it's perfectly fine if you don't have any profound experiences and just "just" feel inspired and calm after the ceremony. Drop all expectations - you can't go wrong. What is revealed to you is right for you at this point in time and serves your highest good. trust in it.

Meditation is also an integral part of such a ceremony. In this way you become more and more body-conscious, can let go of blocking thoughts and feelings and arrive at yourself.

You can also give affirmations, blessings and thanksgiving to the holy cocoa during meditation, e.g

"I thank Mother Earth for this gift, the cocoa nourishes and grounds me, may I always walk through my life powerful and well grounded. So be it - thank you.”

Throughout the ceremony, keep an inner attitude of appreciation towards the cocoa plant and its medicine , open yourself to its blessing and feel what it triggers in you and what sensations you can perceive.

Cocoa ceremony: woman drinks cocoa

Cacao Ceremony: A gift to yourself

You don't necessarily have to join a ceremonial group circle to work with sacred cacao. You can also do a cocoa ceremony with yourself or with friends.

What do I need for this?

  • Inviting premises: Furnish your living room or your meditation place with a lot of mindfulness, for example, so that you feel protected.
  • Space Clearing : Before the ceremony, cleanse your space with white sage and palo santo to clear energy in the space.
  • Listen to healing sounds or a guided meditation
  • The most important - high-quality cocoa for the ritual

The quality of the cocoa is crucial in the context of a cocoa ceremony, because not all cocoa is the same. Traditional "ceremonial cacao" is made from Criollo or Trinitario beans, which contain the most valuable ingredients and have been treated as little as possible. Also, a cocoa is only truly ceremonial if it is ethically traded and organically grown.

This cocoa is often also referred to as "raw", which is actually not true. Because ceremonial cocoa is also processed, only much more gently than conventional, industrial cocoa. In order to preserve the naturalness of the cocoa and to preserve all the precious nutrients, the processing procedure is kept to a minimum: the fermented and dried cocoa beans are roasted at the lowest possible temperature, the shells are removed from the nibs and the cocoa nibs are ground into a paste.

The ceremonial cocoa is often available as a block or in coarse rasps and must be crushed accordingly. You can mix your cacao with oat milk or water in a saucepan on low heat and add some spices of your choice like cinnamon, cardamom or vanilla.

Example of a home cocoa ceremony

  1. 3-4 hours before the ceremony you should eat little or nothing.
  2. Prepare your cocoa and have it ready.
  3. Sit in your seat, make yourself comfortable, and take a few deep breaths.
  4. Deal with your intention (eg questions mentioned above).
  5. Meditate to soothing sounds or listen to a guided meditation.
  6. Consciously drink your cocoa. Perceive smell, taste and warmth.
  7. Meditate again, feel free to lie down if you like

We hope we were able to inspire you for this special ritual and wish you lots of fun trying it out.