Sound yoga – a path to inner peace

Especially in these stressful times, many people long for deceleration, relaxation and real regeneration. One way to get there is sound yoga, a meditative yoga practice with the support of different sounds.

What is sound yoga?

The combination of sound relaxation, sound meditation and sound massage makes sound yoga a relaxing experience. Participants are invited to relax deeply into the asana in order to develop a better feeling for their own body.

The gong is a very powerful tool used during yoga practice. The sound of the gong creates a vibration that helps relax the body and nervous system.

In addition to various gongs, singing bowls, cymbals or carillons can also be used in sound yoga.

How does a sound yoga class work?

Sound yoga units are as different as the yoga teachers themselves - similar to classic hatha yoga classes, no hour is 100% like another. Because many students cannot imagine sound yoga lessons, we would like to show you briefly how a yoga class with sound can work.

Depending on the structure and orientation of the hour, the sound healing can either accompany the entire yoga unit or only be used for initial or final relaxation.

As a rule, the asanas are performed rather calmly, so most sound yoga lessons are more reminiscent of yin yoga than a crisp power yoga session. Singing bowls and gongs are used while the positions are being held, so that the yoga practice can have an almost meditative effect.

For final relaxation, sound yoga and sound healing classes often work with sound baths - a meditation and relaxation technique that involves true immersion in the sound. The sound vibrations of gongs, bells, rattles and drums ensure harmony and regeneration for body and soul.

How deep you go into relaxation during the lesson and how far you can and want to immerse yourself in the sound is of course up to you - there is no right or wrong here.

What are the benefits of sound yoga?

Sound Yoga combines the advantages of meditation and yoga, which we have already reported on in so many places here in the blog.

The sound elements and the vibrations of singing bowls and gongs deepen the effect of the practice and can also have a healing effect on body, mind and soul.

The positive effects of sound yoga therefore include:

  • reduced stress
  • decreased cortisol levels
  • amelioration of many diseases
  • Decreased allergy and asthma symptoms
  • low blood pressure
  • Help with smoking cessation
  • lower heart rate
  • spiritual growth
  • inner well-being
  • decreased anxiety and muscle tension
  • increased strength and flexibility
  • slowed aging process

How can I start with sound yoga?

Sound yoga is offered in various yoga studios - so you can simply register for a trial lesson or a yoga course.

If you want to try out the effects of the sounds at home and for yourself first, you can either get a singing bowl directly and make music yourself, or alternatively get started with Youtube or Spotify.

Also on our Instagram channel you will find a sound yoga unit that is suitable for beginners and advanced.

As always in yoga, listen to your body, try out what is good for you and respect your limits.

See you on the mat soon!

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