7 reasons why yoga is the perfect pastime while traveling

Sports on vacation? Bah! Stepping onto the plane always feels as if we are suddenly throwing our desire for sport overboard. That doesn't have to be the case at all. Yoga in particular is a wonderful way to live consciously while traveling and to stay healthy and fit.

And if you just don't want to believe us, here are 7 reasons why yoga is the best pastime while traveling. Promised!

Yogini on the beach

All you need is a flat surface

Even if you often go to your usual yoga studio at home to have your yoga class there, that does not mean that you are dependent on a studio when you travel. For a little flow, all you need is a level surface and a bit of creativity, because you probably already know most of the asanas by heart and if not, you can download a few yoga videos before you travel.

Yoga studios like sand on the sea

In the meantime, there is hardly a city that is free of yoga studios. The yoga wave has spilled over the whole world and so it is quite easy to do a great yoga class anywhere in the world. The best? At a yoga class in a new studio you will not only get to know new teachers, but maybe also new asanas, new music and above all new people and maybe even potential travel partners.

Always with you: the OEKO Travel yoga mat

Yoga mat OEKO Travel

Yoga mat OEKO detailed view

If you previously thought that you couldn't do yoga while traveling just because of the bulky yoga mat, then you can now throw that thought out of your head. There are now wonderful yoga mats that are foldable and absolutely light thanks to the material. For example, we love the OEKO Travel yoga mat , which is super flexible and always fits in our luggage. What are you waiting for?

Backpacker Complaints? Not available any more!

Anyone who travels for a long time and who is mainly traveling with a backpack will quickly notice that the back hurts, the legs get heavy from sitting in intercity buses for a long time and the energy is somehow no longer really there due to nights that are far too short. Believe us, a short yoga session will recharge your batteries in no time.

For more awareness

It is said that travel raises awareness, broadens horizons and educates us to be people who care about their surroundings and the environment. Yoga has exactly the same properties. Why not combine both and spend our time traveling with another meaningful task?

One for all, all for one…

Imagine you are traveling alone, staying in a hostel in South Asia and unpacking your travel mat in the morning to do a little yoga session on your patio. And now imagine motivating some others from your hostel, maybe some Spanish, some Italians, maybe even Chinese and Australians. Isn't that super cool? You can try out a yoga class together, in which everyone throws in a bit of knowledge. This is how we imagine intercultural exchange!

health on the go

We all know it for sure: when you travel, you like to gain a little weight. A lot of time is often spent lying on the beach, on buses going from city to city or in restaurants where you treat yourself to delicious dishes. What falls by the wayside is what we work so hard to train at home: fitness and well-being. Planning a small yoga session during your trip or vacation helps to maintain your fitness level and also does something for your mental well-being.

Have you already done yoga while traveling? Then tell us in the comments where exactly that was!

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