Merry Christmas! 3 rituals for your successful end of the year

Another exciting year is drawing to a close. A year that we all imagined differently and in which most of us were confronted with a wide variety of worries, problems and challenges.

As such, 2021 has been not only an exciting year for many, but also a busy year - one in which we may not have had the successes we wished for last January.

And yet there were small ray of hope moments for many of us this year, which we will still fondly remember in 3 years: the first hug after such a long time, finally sitting in a café with friends again, the sun coming up when travelling felt on the skin.

At the end of the year, we would like to provide you with a few inspirations that you can use to reflect on the year in peace and maybe even collect a jam jar moment or two:

1. Celebrate the rough nights

The rough nights are a very special time of the year, which are perfect for closing the old year and welcoming in the new year. You can use the days between Christmas and January 6th to let go of old things, to clean up inside and out and to set out wishes and goals for the coming year.

2. Write a letter to your past and future selves

You've made it this far: reason enough to say "thank you" to your past self. Part of your annual reflection could therefore be a letter to your past self. You can also write a few lines for your future self with wishes, good intentions and of course a big thank you.

3. Enjoy the rest.

After all the Christmas gift hassle, take a few moments and enjoy the peace and quiet - perhaps with a meditation, a walk in nature or a relaxed yoga session.

We wish you a Merry Christmas! <3

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