How do I meditate properly? 4 steps to mindful meditation

More and more people are becoming aware of the topic of meditation , as it shows many positive effects. Meditation promotes mindfulness, calm, serenity and better concentration. But getting into a regular routine is not that easy for many. Perhaps you have already tried to meditate once or more often or have planned to do so for a long time. Have you ever asked yourself: How do I start or how do I meditate properly?

How do I meditate properly?

With these 4 steps we would like to make your path to mindful meditation easier. However, there are no rules, so there is no right or wrong. Meditation is a process that never ends and will always give you new insights.

1. Create time & space

In order for you to be able to get into a meditation routine, it is important that you consciously make time for it in your everyday life. Find a time that is convenient for regular meditation. Many people meditate in the morning or evening because they don't have access to a quiet retreat during the day. It is best to enter your practice plan in your calendar so that you are reminded of it every day.

In addition to the time, the place for your meditation is also important. Find a quiet place and set it up according to your preferences. Use a cushion or meditation cushion so you can sit in a comfortable position. Decorate the place with things that create a nice and pleasant atmosphere. These can include plants, candles, incense sticks, crystals, symbols or pictures.

2. Find a comfortable position

Once you've made time and space for your practice, it's all about getting into a comfortable sitting position. For example, sit cross-legged on your pillow so your hips are elevated. If you have problems with your knees, you can also meditate in the heel seat. For example, you put a meditation cushion upright and push it under your buttocks, between your calves. Now stand up, relax your shoulders and put your hands together or on your thighs.

If you can't sit cross-legged, heeled or lotus for health reasons, that's no problem at all - just set up a place on a chair and sit there. In our blog post on the correct sitting position when meditating, we go into detail about the different sitting positions and also explain when the chair or bed might be better suited than sitting cross-legged.

3. Focus on your breathing

The use of a timer, which gently brings you back from your meditation, is particularly suitable for beginners . Once you are in a comfortable position, start the timer and close your eyes. Now breathe in deeply for about 3 seconds and then out again for about 6 seconds. Notice the path your breath takes. Feel it move through the nostrils, throat and lungs. Just focus on your breathing.

Especially at the beginning, thoughts and feelings can arise. Accept them as they are without judging them or getting lost in them. Of course, this can still happen, because it is part of your practice path. Bring the focus back to your breathing as soon as you can. This cycle can be repeated several times during meditation. With regular practice, you will sharpen your concentration and be less likely to be distracted.

4. Be understanding and grateful

Don't get angry if your mind wanders, if you get restless, or if you should fall asleep. This happens and is completely normal. Change the sitting position or meditate at a different time to prevent this. Your concentration gets better with every meditation.

When the timer goes off, keep your eyes closed until you're ready to open them. No matter how the meditation went, be thankful for the time you took and the practice that stayed with you for a few minutes or longer.

Meditation Challenge

Meditation Challenge

We hope these steps are helpful in your next meditation. Still need some motivation? Then take part in our 7-day meditation challenge , which starts next week on 17th . June starts. For seven days we will focus on one aspect of meditation. In the meantime, we will provide you with additional information via Facebook and Instagram . Feel free to share your thoughts on this using the hashtag #meditatewithlotuscrafts . We are looking forward to it! You can download the challenge here:

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