Which yoga style suits me? Find out!

Which yoga style suits me best?

Bikram, Vinyasa, Power Yoga -As a yoga newcomer, these are terms that may be familiar. Behind these names are different yoga styles, of which there is now a large variety. From traditional to modern, spiritual, active or calmer types, it's all there. "Which yoga style suits me?" is a frequently asked question, especially among beginners, because it is not so easy to find the right yoga style for you at the beginning.

To help you, we have put together a flow chart with questions about your favoured practice. Follow the path to the yoga style that suits you best. Here we have focused on six types of yoga, which we explain briefly. Other well-known yoga styles are listed below in an overview. There is sure to be a style for you!


It gets hot! This yoga style is practised at a room temperature of approximately 40°C and a high humidity level. This makes you sweat a lot and is said to have a purifying effect. 


Ashtanga Yoga consists of a dynamic sequence of many powerful postures. Jumps are frequently used to switch between asanas, which are held for a long time and thus become all the more intense.


In this style of yoga, students try to perform the postures in a so-called "flow".  All asanas connect in a flowing, powerful sequence. Breathing in and out controls the movements so that the individual poses flow seamlessly together. 


Yin Yoga is often done in a sitting or lying position. Patience is required, as you must hold postures often for several minutes. Persevere, and you leave the yoga session deeply relaxed. 


Traditional Hatha Yoga includes physical exercises, nutrition, deep relaxation and meditation. This style of yoga is ideal for beginners since lighter movements are used at the beginning.


The focus here is on the pelvic and back areas. In Kundalini yoga, poses are held for a long time, mainly in a seated position. In addition to the physical exercises, breathing techniques and chanted mantras are especially important to induce a meditative state.

Find more information about these and other yoga styles in this blog post and detailed articles on our Blog page. These are also linked below in the summary of popular yoga styles. Whether a yoga style suits you is, of course, always a subjective opinion. Therefore, try out different variations that appeal to you, and you are sure to find the right kind of yoga for you. Are you completely new to the yoga universe? Then we recommend our ultimate guide for beginners!

Active Yoga Styles

  • Ashtanga Yoga - focus on condition and breathing technique
  • Vinyasa/ Power Yoga - focus on intense poses with Flow
  • Hot Yoga - diverse, active yoga exercises that are practised in a hot room temperature
  • Bikram Yoga -  26 dynamic Asanas, also practised in a hot room temperature
  • Jivamukti Yoga - dynamic and intense movements, primarily to music
  • Iygenar Yoga - Intensive training with yoga blocks, yoga straps or yoga benches 
  • Aerial/ Anti - Gravity Yoga - active training with the help of Trapeze silks attached to the ceiling
  • Acro Yoga/ Partner Yoga - dynamic exercises that are done together with a partner

Relaxing Yoga Styles

  • Hatha Yoga - Gentle practice, as well as deep relaxation and meditation
  • Kundalini Yoga - mediative breathing exercises and spiritual practices, mantras are chanted
  • Yin Yoga/ Restorative - long-held exercises in a seated and lying position
  • Luna Yoga/ Hormonyoga - Elements of Hatha Yoga that activates the hormone glands 
  • Anusara Yoga - specific poses for poor posture and lack of movement
  • Intuitives Yoga - calm and gentle practice, relaxing for body and mind
  • Yoga Nidra - a single exercise is practised to observe specific areas of the body meditatively

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