The first time in the yoga studio: you should keep this in mind

Your yoga studio used to consist of a mat and a video that you watched in your living room at home? So far you have been practicing for yourself, you have stopped when it felt right for you and you have been able to set up your comfort zone exactly as it suits you. If you want to do an hour in the yoga studio for the first time, you might have a queasy feeling. Don't worry, in the next few steps we will prepare you for your first visit to the yoga studio. And for all those who haven't been to the yoga studio in a long time, here's a little reminder.

The first time in the yoga studio

The first time in the yoga studio: can I prepare for it?

As with any yoga class, it is of course important not to march into the yoga studio with a full stomach. Make sure you don't eat anything, or at least nothing heavy, for up to two hours beforehand. You can also do yourself a favor by planning some time before your yoga class. It's no use rushing to the train after the office, only to fall slightly sweaty and about to fall onto the yoga mat. Take your time to get ready for the next 60 minutes, go to the bathroom again, and give yourself a few minutes to settle into your new surroundings.

What is the best thing to wear?

There is no dress code for yoga. Everyone wears exactly what he or she feels like wearing. So if you have been practicing at home in your favorite sports pants, then these are your right partner now.

Otherwise, you should pack a sweater and socks for the Savasana at the end, because you rarely know in advance whether it will be rather cold or rather warm in the studio. It is also important to know that, with the exception of the Bikram studios , there are rarely showers in yoga studios.

Do I need to bring anything?

In most yoga studios you can get delicious tea and sometimes even snacks. Yoga mats and accessories such as yoga bolsters , yoga cushions and yoga blankets are also often available. However, if you prefer to practice on your own yoga mat , you can simply bring it with you in your yoga mat bag . Depending on the style, a yoga mat towel can also be very useful.

When do I go to the yoga studio?

Which time is best for you, of course, depends entirely on your own weekly schedule. Most professionals find a yoga class at the end of the day calming, while others start the day with power yoga. It is best to inquire beforehand on the yoga studio's website about the times and also which types of yoga are practiced. First yoga classes are often offered at a special price.

What do I do when I arrive?

It's always weird coming into a new group. They often seem committed and somehow as if they have known each other forever. But sometimes it only seems that way from the outside. Approach your yoga class in the yoga studio in a relaxed manner, ask for the changing room and choose your favorite place in the room. A small tip is to simply look around the room and see who has what utensils next to them. If you still need a belt or a blanket, it's best to find them before the lesson and put them next to the mat.

Otherwise you are now ready for your first yoga class in the yoga studio. Have fun and Namaste!

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