Factory tour at our spelled husk manufacturer

"Be prepared to get dirty! We're not a museum here.” With these words, the down-to-earth and experienced production manager of the grain processing plant welcomed us.

For a long time we asked ourselves how exactly the "transformation" of spelled ears from the field into spelled husks, with which we fill our meditation cushions, works. And today the time had finally come: We visited the company of our spelled husk supplier.

Cleaned - dried - dusted

The first step in spelled husk production is the cleaning of the spelled raw material. This is intensively sieved several times and mixed for a long time. The loose particles contained, such as stones and earth, are removed in this way. The spelled is then dried. The duration of the drying process depends on whether it was a rainy or sunny year.

In addition, the spelled raw material is dedusted in order to remove dust particles that would become detached over time through intensive movement. This results in less fine abrasion and breakage (broken spelled grains) when using our meditation cushions regularly.

The dehulling

Unlike other types of grain, spelled cannot be easily separated from the fruit husk, the husk, by a threshing process, since the husk is very firmly attached to the grain. A special spelled peeling machine separates the spelled grain from its shell in a gentle process. As a result, it causes very little breakage.

When the husks have completely separated from the grains, the spelled husks are filled into sacks and are in the warehouse ready for collection. The dehusked spelled grains are further processed for the food trade. Any by-products such as bran and curds are not thrown away by our supplier, but are either fed to pigs or used as fuel.

With dusty hands and jackets - but satisfied - we leave the processing plant because we now know exactly with what care and caution our organic spelled husks are produced.

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