Feminine Energy in Yoga

The practice of yoga and its deep wisdom have traditionally been practiced and taught exclusively by men. The teachings were passed on orally from master to student and these students were also always men. The yoga physical exercises and almost all aspects of yoga, from the translations of the sacred texts to the instructions for performing the postures, have almost always only been interpreted by and for men. Nevertheless, nowadays there are mainly women in yoga courses who have learned to appreciate the tradition of yoga and are open to the spiritual path.

Feminine Energy in Yoga - Woman on yoga mat with hands on chest and abdomen The yogic system is pervaded by so-called female aspects - the feminine principle of creation. We would like to tell you about it in this blog article.

The Divine Feminine Energy is:

  • cyclic
  • fluently
  • creative
  • creative
  • intuitive
  • caring
  • compassionate
  • sensual and pleasurable
  • receiving
  • changeable
  • mystical
  • harmony loving
  • affinity for art and beauty
  • nourishing
  • resting in itself, but can also be wild

As you probably already know, the female/male principles do not necessarily have anything to do with a person's gender. Everything in nature carries both the feminine and the masculine, it is distributed differently and expressed differently, but it is present in everything and everyone - whether male or female.

Yoga practices such as cultivating devotion and mindfulness are subject to feminine energy, as are self-care, consciously feeling one 's own inner world and singing mantras .

It is the sacred femininity that allows us to feel deeply and open our hearts, to surrender and to receive everything this life has in store for us.

In practice, we promote our own feminine power, for example by holding the yoga asanas with awareness and self-love, meaning that we don't drag ourselves unnecessarily and force a yoga asana. Yoga also teaches us that - to only go as far as is good for us and to always maintain a relaxed attitude. Yoga also teaches us to accept our current daily form, everything is allowed - and that is also an aspect of the feminine: nothing should be forced. You are invited to stay in the flow of your own inner tides and let yourself be carried by the waves of your very own ocean.

Since the traditional hatha yoga is not designed for the woman's body, modern forms of yoga emerged over time that addressed this topic, for example Shakti yoga, hormone yoga and yin yoga. These forms of yoga offer new approaches for all participants and help women in particular to find their center and learn more about their bodies (see hormone yoga ).

Gentle, mindful movements still the body and mind, allowing us to let go of the worries and tension of everyday life. This gives us the opportunity to feel deeper and take a closer look at our inner landscape . Where do I go beyond my limits? What is wrong with me? what nourishes me What do I need right now? In what areas of my life am I not honoring myself? Where can I be gentler with myself? What can I embellish?

Yoga - Asanas for the harmonization of the Yin energy

  • Chandra - Namaskar: the moon salutation

While the sun salutation worships and welcomes the solar energy (masculine), the moon salutation cultivates the feminine energy of the moon.

  • heart-opening asanas: fish, crescent, cobra, namaste - salute, bow, dancer
  • Asanas for the pelvis: Dove, Crescent, Butterfly, Happy - Baby, Abdominal Breathing, Forward Bend with Open Legs
  • Meditation on the feminine aspects or invoking and worshiping Hindu goddesses e.g. Saraswati - the goddess of arts, creativity and science, Lakshmi - the goddess of wealth, abundance and well-being etc
  • Yoni - Puja: there is actually a ritual that honors the female womb. Similar to a classic puja, an altar is erected in honor of the female sexual organs, thus paying homage to the woman's yoni.

Feel free to try out the sequences to harmonize your Yin energy and invite more gentleness into your life.

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