Learn to meditate at home – your meditation room

Would you like to set up a meditation room at home? A place that radiates calm, where you can switch off and let your soul dangle? Sounds wonderful and is so easy. We give you tips on how to set up a meditation room or a meditation corner at home.

1. Find the perfect spot in your apartment

Before you get started, think about where in your apartment you can really meditate undisturbed. Go through room by room in your head … maybe one or the other piece of furniture has to give way or even better, take the opportunity to clean out. Choosing the right place is essential so that you can really recharge your batteries later in this place. You can also use your meditation corner for writing, painting, playing the guitar or drinking tea if it is possible.

If possible, keep this space free from electronic devices such as a TV or computer. In your meditation room, the focus should be on switching off and calming down.

2. With all your senses: This is how you design your meditation corner!

Have you found the place for your meditation corner? Perfect. Now it's time for the design. We recommend you one meditation mat as a base as well as a Meditation cushion , in the right height for you. You really don't need more to meditate.
But since this place should be something special, we have put together some suggestions for further design:

For the nose

A bouquet of fresh flowers - maybe even picked yourself - transforms your meditation corner into a fragrant flower meadow. In the cold season, for example, you can switch to candles, which immediately create a feel-good atmosphere. Investing in high-quality scented candles is always worthwhile here. I have a candle that smells like a French cathedral. Simply heavenly!

Incense sticks or essential oils can also help to intoxicate the nose and pave the way to relaxation. I also recommend that you smoke your meditation room regularly to ensure a fresh indoor climate.

For the eye

Your meditation corner can include a small altar where items important to you are placed. A beautiful saying or the laughing Buddha with his big belly, which expresses the lightness of being for you - place objects that make your eyes shine. Perhaps you have small brass figures of Ganesha or Shiva that you would like to set up here, or gemstones and energy stones. You are also welcome to orientate yourself on the five elements (earth, fire, water, wood, metal) and place an object for each element.

For the ears

If you don't like to sing mantras yourself, you can with one singing bowl or with cymbals initiate or complete the meditation. For people who suffer from tinnitus, a small water fountain is suitable for meditation. The even rippling helps to fade out disturbing tones more easily.


If you feel, you perceive the current moment. You can use a rosewood mala to support your meditation. A 108-bead meditation mala helps you count the mantras you recite and deepen your concentration. It is therefore helpful if you have your mala handy in your meditation room. Especially on busy days, it can help you to quiet your mind.

Taste good

You don't want to start immediately after your meditation, but rather enjoy a cup of tea with yourself to end your meditation comfortably? Then get a tea service or use a nice teapot that you might place on a small table in your meditation room. You can turn the cup of tea into a little ritual after meditation to write down insights or ideas you had during meditation in a small notebook.

3. Your personal touch

You probably have some items at home that are particularly close to your heart. For example, there would be the white and pink colored shell from the last beach vacation that you dug deep out of the sand. Or the small rock crystal from the last hike. A photo of a magical place that you would like to visit can also find a place here. Be creative – whatever you like is allowed. After all, it should be your personal retreat.

You can find many more creative ideas on how to set up a meditation room on our Pinterest board .

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