The meaning of the lotus flower

If you do yoga, you have probably seen the lotus flower as a symbol at one time or another. It is beautiful in appearance but has many meanings in yoga and spiritual terms as well. Here you will find out why the Indian lotus is such a treasured plant, what makes white lotus so special and what can all be expressed with a lotus flower.

Importance of the lotus flower

Symbol of purity

It is not for nothing that the lotus flower is often referred to as the "sacred flower": In Buddhism, it is the symbol of purity of heart, faithfulness, creativity and enlightenment . You may have heard the term "Flower of Life". The Buddhist faith sees the lotus flower as the Buddha's birthplace. Love, life and rebirth are also among the long list of meanings ascribed to this majestic flower.

When you look at a real lotus flower like this, it quickly becomes clear why it represents purity and life after death. The bud grows in muddy waters, but never gets dirty thanks to the nub-like texture of the bud surfaces. At sunset, it closes its flowers and sinks below the surface of the water, only to return pristine the next day.

This is what the lotus flower means in yoga

The lotus flower also has a special meaning in yoga because it stands for enlightenment and the third eye . This means one of the chakras, i.e. the energy centers of the body, namely the area between the eyebrows. The third eye is not visible as such, but according to yoga teachings it opens up wisdom and knowledge. As a seasoned yogi, you may now be able to think of some asanas that involve the third eye.

And as a yogi, you also know that yoga is not only about movement, but also about meditation. And this is exactly where the lotus flower comes into play again, because when you meditate you exercise control over your mind and are thus in search of enlightenment - the very important meaning of the lotus flower.

Colors of the lotus flower and their meaning

Now you might be wondering what the difference is between the different colors of the lotus flower. A basic distinction is made between two types, namely the Indian and the American lotus.

Probably the most symbolic meaning has the original sacred flower, the white Indian lotus flower . She represents spiritual purity found in pure divinity. In other words, the white lotus flower, also called pundrika, symbolizes spiritual perfection and is associated in Buddhism with the enlightened Buddha.

There is also the blue lotus (Utpala) . Lotus flowers of this color embody constancy, perseverance and wisdom in mastering one's senses. Here, too, there is a connection to yoga, after all, precisely this control of one's own perception is a central aspect of meditation.

The red lotus, Kamala , also has a special meaning. It represents innocence, love and passion, compassion and a pure heart. There are also lotus flowers in the colors yellow, purple and pink.

By the way: If you read "lotus" somewhere, it means the same flower. "Lotos" comes from the Greek and only became the spelling with "u" via Latin, which is mostly used today.

One flower, many meanings

What exactly the lotus flower symbolizes always depends on the cultural and religious context . In China, the lotus is a symbol of a good marriage, since the sounds of "lotus" and "love" are very similar. In India, on the other hand, the lotus flower is an important religious sign, while in yoga the path of enlightenment or wisdom in the form of the third eye is the focus. Beauty with meaning - pretty impressive, isn't it?

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