Fairly produced and organic: meditation cushions from Lotuscrafts

Meditation cushions made of organic cotton in a high-quality design at fair prices - Lotuscrafts from Austria makes it possible

In today's world, where the search for meaning and new values is on the rise, meditation is becoming more popular and with it the need for products to support the practice of meditation.

Meditation cushion from Lotuscrafts

Meditation cushions made from certified organic cotton have so far been the big exception in the diverse range of meditation accessories, with the cultivation of conventional cotton worldwide using around 25% of all insecticides and 10% of pesticides.

The new label "Lotuscrafts" from Austria therefore offers meditation cushions made of 100% organic cotton, certified according to the international GOTS organic standard, which guarantees environmentally friendly production as well as fair wages and working conditions along the entire value chain.

The pillows are produced in close cooperation with a partner from India who specializes in the sustainable cultivation and processing of organic cotton in compliance with ecological and social standards according to the GOTS guidelines.

The meditation cushions are filled in our own workshop in Austria. Only compostable natural materials such as spelled and millet husks from organic farmers in the Lower Austria region are used as filling material.

"We see environmentally friendly production under fair working conditions as a basic requirement, especially for products that are used for meditation, yoga and body work," says Wolfgang Fuchs, founder of Lotuscrafts.

Like the naming, the Lotuscrafts products are also derived from the lotus flower
inspired, used in many eastern cultures as a symbol for

Purity, peace and beauty apply. In this way, the products from Lotuscrafts convey beauty, clarity and a high level of craftsmanship that is a joy to look at, touch and use.

You can find more information and the entire Lotuscrafts product range in our online shop .

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