The Bee Breath – Brahmari Pranayama

pent-up anger? Too many emotions, frustration and anger? Bee breathing is a wonderful pranayama to calm your agitated mind. A few minutes of humming peacefully like a bee while concentrating on your breath can work wonders. We explain how it works and why this breathing technique is so effective.

bee breathing

Brahmari Pranayama

The Brahmari breathing exercise , which takes its name from a species of Indian bee, is wonderfully effective and easy as pie. This technique creates the buzzing sound of a bee as you exhale. Cover both ears to hear the sound better. Do you think that's funny and a bit strange? Yes, it may be the first time, but you will see that pranayama has a wonderfully calming and balancing effect on your entire body.
Particularly practical: you can use this simple breathing exercise yourself once you have learned it.

How does bee breathing work?

For the breathing exercise, sit in a quiet place and choose a comfortable seat of your choice. First, gently close your eyes and let the corners of your mouth lift slightly. Close both ears with the Khani Mudra by gently pressing the index finger of the right and left hand on the ear cartilage. Take a deep breath through your nose, then make a buzzing sound as you exhale. You can practice the bee humming without your ears closed, but the effect will be better if you let the sound vibrate in your head. Breathe like this for about eight breaths and feel the sound in your skull. After eight breaths, keep your eyes closed and feel the effect.

When performing the exercise, make sure that you keep your mouth closed. If you have trouble sitting, you can do the breathing while lying down. The higher your pitch when humming, the more intense the breathing technique. The exercise becomes particularly intense when you close all five senses with the Yoni Mudra. To do this, place your thumbs on your ear cartilages, index fingers on your forehead, middle fingers on your eyes, ring fingers on your nostrils, and pinky fingers on the corners of your mouth. With each breath, try to withdraw your senses a little more to encourage pratyahara .

Effects of Brahmari Pranayama

Bee breathing has a calming effect on your mind and allows you to relax after a stressful day. Tension, fears and blockages are released and emotions such as anger and anger are reduced through this simple exercise. The exercise improves your concentration and memory, boosts your self-confidence and helps to regulate your blood pressure.

In addition, regular Brahmari practice improves your voice and makes you less prone to coughing and hoarseness. The breathing technique can also help to alleviate your symptoms with headaches and migraines.

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