Yin Yoga in Winter - Element of Water

The energies of winter and the associated qualities of retreat, silence and reflection extend into spring. Especially after the Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations, we often still feel tired and it is sometimes difficult to find the motivation for certain projects. This is also completely normal, because in the winter time you don't actually start anything new. Even after the New Year, there is still time to slow down. Relaxing Yin Yoga units in particular can help us to let go completely and arrive mindfully in our own bodies. Especially if you practice Yin Yoga in the rhythm of the seasons, it can provide more harmony and lasting well-being.

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Yin Yoga in Winter: Woman lying on bolster in Balasana

Through the cycle of the year with Yin Yoga

The five element theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be used as a basis for understanding structures within ourselves and in all natural occurrences.

The five energetic elements are water, wood, fire, earth and metal . Each element corresponds to different seasons, emotions, biological functions, organs, energy directions and meridians (energy channels), also called nadis in yoga.

According to TCM and Yoga, life energy flows through these energy channels. It is neither tangible nor visible, but it is present in all living beings at all times. This guidance system runs through the entire body such as blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic vessels.

When our energies flow freely, the five elements are in harmony. However, an imbalance between the elements and the corresponding meridians can lead to a blockage or lack of energy. This can manifest itself in emotional, mental, and physical symptoms such as lack of motivation or focus, anger or anxiety, digestive problems, tiredness, and fatigue.

The Qualities of the Water Element in Winter

Winter is the time of year when yin energy is dominant. It's a time to shut down, go within, hibernate, reflect and recharge. The element of winter is water and carries qualities such as fluidity, devotion, adaptability and the ability to go with the flow. Water occupies all spaces, and while it can be calm and gentle, water also possesses the power to create powerful waves that can tear down everything around them.

In the quiet time of winter, vitality can and should be nurtured. In TCM, too, wintertime stands for the renewal of this life energy - we take the time to replenish our energy stores so that we can go through the new year strengthened. If we observe nature, it always reflects what quality our everyday life should have in order to be in harmony with the energies. In TCM, the kidney meridian stands for the root of our life and carries the full potential for our life energy and strength.

The water element is also associated with the bladder and kidney meridians. It is therefore particularly beneficial during the winter season to activate these meridians in order to optimally strengthen body and mind.

The kidneys belong to the so-called zang organs, which contain the energy - the Qi - and the body fluids in TCM. They have a regulatory function in the body. They store the life energy we need to cope with the demands of the outside world and to stay healthy. It is that energy that moves us forward in life and gives us life and strength. The bladder, in turn, is one of the Fu organs, which absorb and pass on body fluids and energies.

Yin Yoga Asanas for the winter time: activate the kidney and bladder meridians

Feel free to use yoga aids or cushions for the suggested asanas to ensure more relaxation and regeneration. Feel free to hold the asanas for 10-15 breaths or stay in the pose for about 2-3 minutes. Direct your gaze inwards and enjoy the moments of peace and contemplation.

  • Sitting butterfly
  • Sphinx and seal
  • The position of the child
  • Standing or Seated Forward Bend
  • Happy baby pose
  • Lying Crocodile Spin
  • Savasana

We wish you a lot of relaxation while trying it out!

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