The Butterfly – Baddha Konasana

In this video, Yin Yoga teacher Helga Baumgartner explains the Butterfly position, a seated forward bend to open the back of the body. In this mild position you can get rid of any load that is on your shoulders.

Tip: Find a quiet place if you want to do the exercise with Helga. Make sure that no noise disturbs you during the implementation and that you can stay in this position undisturbed. To do this exercise you need a mat and one or two large yoga rollers.

Sit on your pelvis and bend your legs, knees pointing toward the sky. Then let your knees fall apart and now lean forward in a relaxed manner in this position. Place one or two large rollers under your torso and on your legs. Drop your hands onto the roller and rest your forehead. Sink forward comfortably in this pose, letting time and gravity work their magic.

Use several aids, especially at the beginning, to be able to stay really relaxed in the position. Pay attention to the speed of your breathing and the feeling you feel on the inside of your legs.

Effects of the butterfly:

The butterfly opens the backs of the legs and the insides of the legs, as well as the back of the upper body and the longitudinal ligaments of the spine.

Opening the back of the body stimulates the bladder meridian. If you also feel the inside of your legs, the liver and kidney meridians are also stimulated.

The butterfly helps to take the load off your shoulders and let go completely.

Helga Baumgartner Yin Yoga Butterfly

holding period:
As a beginner, hold this position for about 3-5 minutes. If you are practiced, you are welcome to stay longer in this asana.

On an inhalation, slowly come back to your sitting position, close your knees, and lie comfortably on your back for a few breaths or two minutes.

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