The Frog – Bhekasana

In this video, Yin Yoga teacher Helga Baumgartner explains the Frog position, a kneeling, harmonizing forward bend to open the inside of the legs. In Chinese medicine, the inner leg area represents the liver meridian.

Find a quiet place if you want to experience the exercise with Helga. Make sure that no noise disturbs you during the execution and take your time for this posture. To do this exercise you need a mat, two blankets and a yoga roll.

For this exercise you should first prepare the necessary tools. Take one of the blankets and fold it crosswise and place it on your mat. Roll up the other blanket and place it on top of the folded blanket.

Then come seated and with your knees apart on the blanket. Your ankles will rest on the rolled blanket and your knees will come to about the end of the folded blanket. Then place a roll on the floor in front of you. See which position of the roll is comfortable for you, under the shoulders or under the torso. When the roll is under your arms, your back bends slightly backwards. If it's more under your torso, your torso may bend slightly forward. It is important to open the inside of the legs in this position. Let yourself melt into this pose.

Your breath should flow smoothly during the exercise. If you find your breathing getting shaky, use more tools or come out of the pose sooner.

Effects of Yin Yoga Frog Pose:

The frog is an intense opening of the entire inner leg/adductors.

This exercise stimulates the Stomach and Spleen meridians and activates the Kidney meridian.

The posture can help harmonize emotional and impulsive moods.

Helga Baumgartner Yin Yoga

holding period:
As a beginner, hold this position for about 3-5 minutes. If you are practiced, you are welcome to stay longer in this asana.

Push your hands into the floor to raise your upper body again, close your knees and possibly your feet and lay your upper body on your legs and your arms comfortably next to your pelvis. Rest like this for a few breaths in Child Pose, Balasana.

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